2017: The Best Year Of My Life

This is a short blog about 2017, highlighting my changes and transformation.

I believe the harder you work the luckier you get. With everything that happened this year, that couldn’t be truer. All my goals came true and outcomes I first didn’t think were possible did too.

In January, I focused more on eating healthy and my luck began. I would regularly go to a fruit and vegetable shop when one day I was lucky enough to walk through the register of a check out girl, Shania, who I’m so happy to say is now my girlfriend!


In March after putting in a big preseason, I was rewarded with captaincy of my football team.
Leading an undefeated premiership team in September ticked off a goal I’ve been aiming for my whole life.

In June at football training, I asked my teammate Mick some questions about his modelling, and I couldn’t believe how quick everything happened after that. It was literally the next day that his manager Greg Tyshing from GTRGLOBAL called me for a meeting, and I’m now stoked to be signed with Greg and Bella Management as a model.

In the middle of August I made the switch to become a vegetarian. I now eat a predominantly vegan diet, eggs being the only thing that isn’t vegan, and I actually have substantially more energy without eating meat! I recently had had a vegan cooking class which I loved and I’ll soon share with you my newly learnt recipes.

September 30 was the best day of my life; my beloved Richmond Tigers winning the premiership. I was lucky enough to experience this at the game, sitting right on the fence so I could celebrate with the players as they did their victory lap. I was blessed to be able to go to all 3 finals and experience what was truly amazing. I didn’t really give us a chance to make the finals at the start of the season. It just shows that anything can happen!

In October I was lucky enough to receive sponsorship from Alkaline Superfoods as an endurance athlete, and I completed my first ever marathon in the Melbourne Marathon. I never thought I was capable of completing such a distance at this time of my life. To run alongside Matt my premiership teammate made it even more special.

Here we are at the end of the year, Christmas was amazing as always and I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful for every day and I love life.

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