About Me

I’m a 20 year old man from Melbourne who has loved sport and fitness my whole life.  I’ve always been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and to trying new things and this year in particular, so much has changed.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science at ACU. 2018 will be the final year of my degree and I’m super excited about the opportunities it will provide me with. In the 2 years of the degree so far I have developed my knowledge of physical activity, health and outdoor education much further. I studied all of these subjects in school as they have always been my passion.  This course has been fantastic as I love nothing more than being active, especially in the outdoors!

Last semester I studied my 2 favourite units, ‘Resistance Training: Science and Application’ and ‘Exercise Testing and Prescription.’ These units allowed me to learn how to construct detailed cardiovascular and resistance training programs for people of all ages, experience levels and abilities. At the end of 2018, I will receive a Certificate 4 in Fitness and my Personal Training Qualification. From here I will get a job in a commercial gym firstly to develop my knowledge and experience further, before starting my future business ‘Sean Bell Fitness.’

Another part of my story is modelling. I still find It hard to believe I do it, it is something I never really saw myself doing originally but it all just fell into place which I’m so grateful for. Read more in my 2017 blog.

My personal goal to complete ultramarathons and ironman triathlons came about after being inspired by amazing endurance athletes such as Rich Roll and Samantha Gash. In case you haven’t heard of Rich Roll, he completed 5 full distance ironman triathlons in Hawaii across a 7 day period, (which is a 3.8km swim, 180km ride and a 42.195km run) on an entirely plant based diet.  Samantha Gash on the other hand, ran 3,253kms across India in 67 days. I am training to run insane distances to prove that we truly can do more than we think we are capable of. While this is very new to me as I only began distance running in October after the end of my football season, I am now running 50kms a week, building up to the distances I dream of. I’ve committed to running the 60km Ultra-marathon on the Great Ocean Road in May 2018, so I’m training for that now.

Tony Robbins taught me that in order to achieve the things that are so important to me, I must set challenging goals and visualise success. Successful people aren’t successful because they are lucky, it is because they know what they want, they set goals and they don’t stop until they achieve them.

I’m a person who thrives on challenges and the opportunity to inspire people and prove people wrong. The journey is long, but I know where I want to be and I will get there.