About Me

I’m a 20 year old man from Melbourne, Australia, who has loved sport and fitness my whole life.  I’ve always been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and to trying new things and in 2017 in particular, so much changed.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science at ACU. This year, 2018, is the final year of my degree and I’m super excited about the opportunities it will provide me with. In the 3 years of the degree, I have developed a tremendous knowledge of physical activity, health and outdoor education. This course has been fantastic as I love nothing more than being active, especially in the outdoors! Last semester I studied my 2 favourite units, ‘Resistance Training: Science and Application’ and ‘Exercise Testing and Prescription.’ These units allowed me to learn how to construct detailed cardiovascular and resistance training programs for people of all ages, experience levels and abilities.

Up until September 2017, I had played Australian Rules Football my whole life for the Vermont Eagles. In 2017 I was lucky enough to captain my under 19s team to an undefeated premiership season; which is something I will remember forever. Since then I have ran in the Melbourne Marathon and the Great Ocean Road 60km Ultra Marathon. While my running journey is a new one, I am so passionate about it and I can’t wait for the years of adventures with running in the year to come. I’m excited to see where my legs can take me!

Before my 60km Great Ocean Road Ultra Marathon, I was asked by the media company of the run, “what motivates you to run further.” This answer was easy for me; my true inspiration comes from my former football teammate, Joseph Moschetti, who sadly passed away unexpectedly in his sleep in 2016. I’m blessed to have known Joe, he lived every single day with pure passion and he respected everyone for who they are; which are two traits I pride myself on. I’ve dedicated myself to run around Australia for Joey in 2021. It will be excruciating, backing up 60+km runs every single day for nearly 8 months. When I’m suffering physical, mental and emotional pain, I will only have to think of Joey and his outlook on life to be inspired to keep moving forward. It will all be worth it when I cross the finish line with his family by my side, as we raise money and awareness for The Compassionate Friends. I want to leave Vermont Recreation Reserve on January 1st, 2021 and finish back there on or before July 30th 2021. July 30th, 2016 was the date Joe sadly passed away, which is why I want to finish the journey to be home for that significant date.

I am also regularly inspired by amazing endurance athletes such as Rich Roll, Samantha Gash and Turia Pitt. In case you haven’t heard of the athletes: Rich Roll completed 5 full distance ironman triathlons (which is a 3.8km swim, 180km ride and a 42.195km run) in Hawaii across a 7 day period,  on an entirely plant based diet. Samantha Gash ran 3,253kms across India in 67 days in 40 degree heat nearly every day, and Turia Pitt overcame life threatening injuries she sustained in a bushfire while running an ultra marathon. She was told in 2011 that she will never run again and since that time she has completed two full distance ironman triathlons and is now a mindset coach.

My life changed significantly in 2017, when I attended Tony Robbin’s UPW event. Tony taught me that in order to achieve the things that are so important to me, I must set challenging goals and visualise success. Successful people aren’t successful because they are lucky, it is because they know what they want, they set goals and they don’t stop until they achieve them.

I’m a person who thrives on challenges and loves proving people who doubted me wrong. If I can inspire people anything like my role model Tony Robbins, I will be forever fulfilled and grateful.