Surround yourself with active people and you will move more yourself.

It may sound simple, but it works. Surround yourself with active people and by hanging out together you will become more active yourself.

Over the summer holidays I’ve been lucky enough to go to Manly, NSW twice with my girlfriend Shania and her family. My favourite part about Manly is that nearly everyone there is active and consequently, happy! On the first morning, I decided to get up early and go for a short run to check out all the beaches. When I was running I saw so many other people running, riding, swimming or skating that I just wanted to keep running so I could see more. The run ended up being 10kms and just under an hour. Every little smile, thumbs up or good morning made me feel so good!

About half way through the run at 7:30am I got to Manly surf beach, where I saw 100s of people swimming and coming out of the water. As it isn’t normal to see that many people doing an ocean swim together, I asked a local what it was all about. I was so amazed when she said that every morning hundreds to thousands of people swim from Manly beach across to Shelly beach and back which is a 1.5km swim (750m each way). There is a 6:30am start group and a 7:00am start group and people can join in whatever they want. I loved it so much that I decided then and there, that the next day I would do half of the swim- 750m from Shelly beach to the Manly beach.

A pack of swimmers heading to the finish








3 months before this in October, I could only swim 50m. Through swimming lessons every Saturday, I had improved my swimming considerably, but the furthest I’d swum was 500m in the pool and now I was going to attempt 750m in the ocean. Every week I would hate waking up on Saturday mornings for swimming lessons, it wasn’t easy for me at all but I’m so glad I stuck with it. 

I loved the 750m beach swim so much that I did it nearly every day for the rest of my holiday. On the last day, I decided to try and go both ways (1.5kms) which I’m so happy to say I completed! Most people do it in around 25 minutes and it took me 40 minutes. I have a long way to go, my technique still needs a lot of work but through desire and hard work I will complete an ironman triathlon soon!

Everyone socialising after their swim

If you want to get more active, it starts with you. You must make the first move as no one can get fit for you. If you do really want this but you are lacking motivation, working out with a friend is a great start. Get your fittest friend to work out with you and get them to give you guidance. If you can get a group of active people together then that’s even better. That way you are really setting yourself up to reach your fitness goals. I know from experience that it can be very hard sometimes to be motivated when you don’t have a training partner. That is why with my 60km ultramarathon in May I’m constantly looking for people to run with.

Lastly, if you are really needing inspiration, head to Manly for a holiday, get up at 6:30am and see how amazing it Is for yourself. To top off the 1000 people swimming every morning, I saw a man who was at least 70 years old running 10km up and down the beach in 30-degree heat!

People are incredible. We just need to start believing that we can achieve so much more than we think we are capable of.


2017: The Best Year Of My Life

This is a short blog about 2017, highlighting my changes and transformation.

I believe the harder you work the luckier you get. With everything that happened this year, that couldn’t be truer. All my goals came true and outcomes I first didn’t think were possible did too.

In January, I focused more on eating healthy and my luck began. I would regularly go to a fruit and vegetable shop when one day I was lucky enough to walk through the register of a check out girl, Shania, who I’m so happy to say is now my girlfriend!


In March after putting in a big preseason, I was rewarded with captaincy of my football team.
Leading an undefeated premiership team in September ticked off a goal I’ve been aiming for my whole life.

In June at football training, I asked my teammate Mick some questions about his modelling, and I couldn’t believe how quick everything happened after that. It was literally the next day that his manager Greg Tyshing from GTRGLOBAL called me for a meeting, and I’m now stoked to be signed with Greg and Bella Management as a model.

In the middle of August I made the switch to become a vegetarian. I now eat a predominantly vegan diet, eggs being the only thing that isn’t vegan, and I actually have substantially more energy without eating meat! I recently had had a vegan cooking class which I loved and I’ll soon share with you my newly learnt recipes.

September 30 was the best day of my life; my beloved Richmond Tigers winning the premiership. I was lucky enough to experience this at the game, sitting right on the fence so I could celebrate with the players as they did their victory lap. I was blessed to be able to go to all 3 finals and experience what was truly amazing. I didn’t really give us a chance to make the finals at the start of the season. It just shows that anything can happen!

In October I was lucky enough to receive sponsorship from Alkaline Superfoods as an endurance athlete, and I completed my first ever marathon in the Melbourne Marathon. I never thought I was capable of completing such a distance at this time of my life. To run alongside Matt my premiership teammate made it even more special.

Here we are at the end of the year, Christmas was amazing as always and I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful for every day and I love life.

Setting Goals and Visualising that they come true

Goal Setting and Visualisation are two processes that I use regularly. At the Tony Robbins UPW Seminar in March I learnt how to use these processes to give myself the best chance to succeed. They work in combination; set a goal to achieve what you really want and then visualise it coming true to make it more powerful.


Setting goals many people see as a waste of time. In fact, most people don’t set goals at all. This is because they fear that they won’t achieve them. Fear can hold us back from reaching our destiny.

Prior to the Tony Robbins UPW seminar, I was like most people, it was extremely rare for me to set goals. While I was a driven person, I just didn’t understand how vital they are. Now that I know their importance, I set goals in all the areas of my life- financial, relationships, fitness  etc., and in 2017 I’ve had the best year of my life.

It is important to set SMART goals. Setting lousy goals leads to lousy results. Setting goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time Based), will make you more likely to achieve them. In upcoming fitness blogs, I will demonstrate SMART goals and how they work. I recently set a goal to complete the 60km Ultramarathon on the Great Ocean Road on May 20, 2018. I now have 6 months to train, and I’m counting down the days until this event!

Setting SMART goals will help you become inspired. If you truly want something, vividly imagine the pain you will experience if you don’t achieve it. Use that pain to your advantage and you will do everything you need to do to make sure you succeed. Finally, when your goal does come true, celebrate it appropriately! You deserve it!

This is a picture of me crossing the line, finishing my first ever marathon in October 2017. I set a goal to complete it in under 3 hours and 30 minutes and I’m proud to say that through hard work, belief and visualisation, it came true, running it in 3.28.11!


Tony Robbins taught me that the “human brain can’t tell the difference between something we vividly imagine and something we actually experience. 

After learning this, I set a goal in March, to captain my U19s Vermont football team to a premiership this season. At the time I made the goal, I hadn’t even been given captaincy, but I was already vividly imagining holding up the cup alongside my coach JB. The first thing I did was photoshop myself onto an old premiership photo he was a part of. This was a secret of mine all year, and I’m now glad to share it with you as my goal came true.

This wasn’t out of arrogance by any means. I simply had so much belief in my teammates that we were capable of achieving the ultimate success. We had such a connection and trust in each other, even in preseason, and therefore I knew that we were going to be a special team.

Before I went to sleep most nights I would look at the picture to remind myself how much I wanted this to achieve this goal. Be a Premiership Captain in 2017. I would see it, believe it, smile and then sleep.

I know this is out there! This is nothing like what most people do and that made me feel so comfortable. I love being unique as it gives me assurance that I’m always being myself and not someone else.

6 months after I set my goal, this happened:

How about that!

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying that visualisation is why we won. Not at all, because that would be unrealistic.


The message I’m sharing is:

Goal setting and visualising work arm in arm. Live life by setting powerful, SMART goals that will inspire you to achieve something you truly want. Use visualisation to add more emotion, giving you greater drive to achieve the goal as you are seeing the final result before is actually completed.

How Tony Robbins changed my life

Early 2017 looked very similar to previous years, not boring, but there was nothing significantly exciting. I wasn’t worried about this because I felt like I didn’t need to make any dramatic changes. I was pumped for the new football season, looking to go one step further than when we fell short in 2016.

In late January, Mum was nagging me to watch a documentary called ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ about a guy named Tony Robbins. She wouldn’t leave me alone. I just wasn’t interested and too busy, until she said, “if you like him I’ll take you to LA with me in March to watch him.” So, as you can imagine before I even watched it I told her I loved it and wanted to go see him, so I could get across to America. The documentary did look incredible, but I was still very sceptical about whether he was the real deal like what people were saying.

Day 1 of his event ‘Unleash the Power Within’ (UPW) was interesting but very long. I’d never experienced anything that put me so far out of my comfort zone. I hugged around 50 random people that day and jumped and danced like crazy! I was only doing this because everyone was; at the time, I was thinking what on earth am I doing, get me out of here. At the end of day we were highly encouraged to walk barefoot across 5 metres of 1200 degree coals. The theory behind it was that, ‘if you can walk barefoot on fire, you can do anything!’ Lots of people at the seminar didn’t do the fire walk because they feared hospitalising burns. Fair enough to fear that! However, most people at the seminar did the walk. Tony used a process where he got us so hyped up that it put us into a mental state where we believed we were unstoppable and capable of achieving anything. I can imagine that is hard for you to understand reading this, but that is why you need to experience him yourself. I was standing in line and I’d watched lots of other people do it without burning themselves, so I thought I MUST do this. It took all my courage, but I did the fire walk! This was the exact moment where I changed. I was hooked. I knew from that moment on, that this guy was indeed the real deal because I felt like I could do anything I set my mind to.

“One entire life changes in a moment”- Tony Robbins.

I became obsessed with the feeling the fire walk brought me. I’m sure you would agree that there are not many better feelings than walking into something that is really important to you with so much confidence that you know you are going to dominate. After the fire walk experience, that is how I felt all the time!

I don’t want to go into too much more specific detail about the seminar. I’ll just say it was a fantastic and evidently a life changing experience. (If you do want more information, feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly answer any questions).

Ever since that seminar in March, I’ve been applying the processes that I learnt, making them a part of what I do daily. I’ve become more grateful for what I do have in life. In the past, my focus was always on what I don’t have and I was jealous for what others do have.  Changing this has really made me appreciate so much more and it helps me put my life into perspective. I keep a journal where I write what I’m grateful for almost every day. Even if you are having a tough day then it’s a great reminder for you to remember how lucky we are.

I’ve embraced my changes and I love being different. This is something that I used to struggle with as I didn’t want to be judged so I would be like everyone else. Now, since the seminar, I have such a level of confidence that I’m happy to say I honestly don’t care what people think.

I actually feel luckier now too! I don’t know if it is because I’m more grateful or if it is just a coincidence, but in 2017 so much has gone my way. I have so much more energy, I sleep less and yet I feel amazing. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and much more of my dreams are coming true.

I always thank my mum for taking me to LA for the opportunity to meet Tony Robbins. One day I’ll be lucky enough to meet him and thank him in person for my transformation.